Busey Second Generation

2. Paul1 Busey (ElizabethA ?) was born ca1630 to 1638. He died Sept 1685: in Calvert Co, MD, at 55 years of age.(5)

He married Susannah ? bef 1662: in MD. Susannah was born ca 1640:. She died aft 1692:. On 17 Dec 1685, Susanna Busey was granted letters of administration for the estate of Paul Busey. Her sureties were William Selby and Richard Bowen.(6) I suspect that William Selby may have been her son-in-law (see comments under Mary Busey), but I do not know of any relationship with Richard Bowen.

On 12 Sept 1687, "Susanna Busey of Calvert County, admx and relict of Paul Busey late of the same county..." presented an account of Paul Busey's estate which included "tobacco for my sons trouble in coming foreward & backward to exhibit an inventory" [Prerogative Court 9 MdHR 1245, pp 401-402]

In an account dated 1 Sept 1692 of the Michael Tawney estate (Calvert Co), the list of debts included, among others, Richard Keene, Capt Thomas Clegate, William Nicholls, William How, Susanna Bussy, Richard Bowen and Thomas Brooke. [Prerog Ct 10LC.3 abstract p. 69]

. Paul Busey arrived in Maryland in 1651, having come there with his step-father, Henry Cox. Paul then served Henry Cox as a servant until about 1658. Whether Paul and Henry arrived directly from England or from Virginia is still not known.

Paul lived in Calvert Co, MD, likely near his step father, Henry Cox. When Paul died, he left his widow and at least two sons. I suspect there was at least one daughter.

Here are some references to Paul Busey's activities in Maryland:

In 1651, Paul Busey was transported to Maryland by his step-father, Henry Cox, for which Henry was granted 200 acres.(7)

On [11 June] 1659, Paul Bucey claimed and was granted a warrant for 150 acres of land based upon his immigration and having served Henry Cox for a period of years. (8) [Liber R page 21 - photocopy provided by Hugh Busey] Under instructions issued by the Council of Maryland dated Nov 1656, every servant that served out his time would be granted 50 acres. [Archives of MD vol. 3 p. 329] If indeed Henry Cox received 100 acres for transporting Paul in 1651, it is not clear why Paul could then claim the 100 acres he also demanded.

"Having probably returned to England temporarily, Paul Busey apparently made a second voyage to Maryland in 1655, being claimed as a headright by Theophilus Lewis."(9) However, under the Conditions of Plantation, no adventurer or planter was to be granted lands for any person in respect of whom any land had been granted before. [Archives of MD vol. 3] This record, therefore, is a mystery, unless Henry Cox had let his grant lapse.

31 Oct 1670, land called "Poppingay" was delivered by Henry Parrott to Samuell Chew. The witnesses were Benja. Wells, Lionell Pawley, Jeremy Stindevon his mark, and Paul (H) Bury his mark. Entered 27 Jan 1670/71, page 34 folio 41.(10)

In 1671, Henry Cox of the County of Calvert, planter, had a resurvey done on 300 acres called Lyons Creek. The certificate dated 27 June 1671 indicated it was surveyed in the presence of Richard Hall, George Lingam and Paull Busy, good and lawfull men of the said county. These three men certified that Charles Boteler's certificate of resurvey was according to the ancient bounds of the said land. [Archives of MD vol. 73, p. 140 "Land -Holder's Assistant"]

On 25 Jan 1676/7, Paul Bucy and Ro. Conant appraised the inventory of John Benson of Calvert Co. Included in the list of debtors were John Thornby, Richard Bowen, and Thomas Sellby, among others. Elizabeth Benson, relict, was administratrix. [Prerog Ct. 4.19 abstract p. 41]

About 1677, Paul Buc(e)y and Edwin Isack(e) appraised the inventory of Robert Turner of Kent Co. [Prerog Ct 4.12 abstract p. 41]

In 1680, Paul Bewsie owed a debt to the estate of William Russell (innholder) of Anne Arundel Co. [Prerog Ct 6.74 and 7A.258 abstract]

By 13 Apr 1681, Paull Bewsie had received a payment from the estate of John Benson (merchant) of Calvert Co. [Prerog Ct 7B.43B abstract]

In 1684, the list of debts of the estate of Nathan Smith included John Bowen, Samuel Griffith, John Whips, Paul Busy, George Lingham, Richard Bowen, John Standford, and Edmond Evans, among others. [Prerog Ct 8.202 abstract p. 52]

The inventory of Paule Bensee (sic) was made 3 Oct 1685 and filed 22 Dec 1685. The appraisers were John Whippes and William Lyle. [Prerog Ct 8.498 abstract]

Only two children have been proved of this union: Paul and Charles. That those two are brothers is established in the will of Paul (II) I suspect there were one or more sisters, and have included as a possible daughter, Mary who married William Selby.

Paul Busey and Susannah ? had the following children:

child + 3 i. possibly Mary2 Busey who was born ca 1660. This is speculation on my part that she is a daughter of Paul & Susanna!!

child + 4 ii. Paul Busey was born bef 1664.

child + 5 iii. Charles Busey was born ca 1670.

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