Third Generation

3. Mary2 Busey? (possibly Paul1, ElizabethA ?) who was born ca 1660.

She married twice. She married William Selby ca 1680:. He died 1698: Prince George's Co, MD. A petition to "his Lsps Depty Governrs & honble prrivy Councill" was written about 1684-85 regarding building of a towne in Calvert County. The petition stated that the land of John Boling was preferable to that of Henry Cox, for establishing of a port of trade for the inhabitants of of Pottuxen River. This petition was signed by 58 inhabitants of Calvert County, including William (M) Selby, Geo: Lingan, Wm (D) Downing, Samll Griffith and Sall: (W) Whipps (these last three signing consecutively). [Arch of MD vol. 17 p. 408-9]

17 Apr 1685, William Selbe witnessed the will of Jonathon Pearce of Calvert Co [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 2, p. 51]

12 May 1686, William Selby and Thomas Greenfeild were appraisers for the inventory of Hugh Hamlin of Calvert Co. [Prerog Ct 8.493 abstract]

19 Feb 1694, Wlliam Selby was on the list of debtors to the estate of John Abington (merchant) of Calvert Co. [Prerog Ct 13A.320 abstract]

In the August 1697 court, William Selby was subpoenaed to testify for Charles Busey in his case against William Rothery in Prince George's Co. [Archives of MD vol. 0202 p. 211]

In a case between the executors of Jonathan Willson against Nathaniell Taylor in Prince George's County, it was noted that Mr. Taylor shared a "pottle of Syder" with Mr. Sellby in late August 1697. It was valued at 1s. Katherine Willson and Joshua Cecell were the executors of the Willson estate. Mr. Taylor's debt to Mr. Willson of 8L 15s 6d was paid by Thomas Hollyday per the March 1699 Court [Archives of MD vol. 0202 p. 482-3]

William Selby wrote his will 5 Nov 1698, leaving bequests to daughter Mary Sallers,wife of Robert; underage children William, Charles, Susannah and Samuel Selby; and daughter Amee Hacker. He bequeathed land called "Good Luck", "Park Meadow", "Leith", "Groomes Lodge", "Towgood", "Twyford" and "The Farme". He specifically stated that the underage children's mother was to chose certain chattels for them. [abstract of liber 6, folio 215 by Carol Collins] He appointed his wife Mary as executor. The will was probated 20 Feb 1698/9. The witnesses included Joshua Cecell. [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 2, p. 169]

In 1699, Paul Busey served and Jos. C--ill served as sureties for Mary Selby's administration bond for the William Selby estate.(test proc p. 268, March? 1699, MdHR 973) ["Mary Selby, as executrix of the estate of her husband, William Selby, with Paul Busey and Josh Cecell held firmly bound in the full and just sum of three hundred pounds Sterling. Mary to present a complete inventory by 25 May. Wit: David Small, Benjamin Stephen, Charles Busey; signed: Mary Selby, Paul Busey, Josh Cecell." (Adm. Bonds, PG Co., 1698-1757, p. 16) per Carol Collins]

23 May 1699 the inventory of William Selby of Prince George's Co. was appraised by R. Bradly and Samuell Magruder as L437.13.11 [Prerog Ct 19 1/2 A.92 abstract]

On a 30 Jul 1701 accounting of the estate of William Selby, payments were made to Charles Beale, Richard Groome, Richard Jones, Joshua Cecill and others. The executrix was Mary Cecill, wife of Joshua Cecill. [Prerog Ct 20.237 abstract]


She married Joshua Cecill ca 1700:. The inventory of Joshua Cecell of Prince George's Co. was made 5 Jun 1717 and included a list of "devine" books and law books by title. The appraisers were Roger Brook and Richard Clegett. The inventory was approved by Samuel and William Selby. [Prerog Ct 37B.238 abstract]

"Joshua Cecil was a Gentleman of Calvert and later Prince George's Co., and a Protestant. He was an educated man, an attorney, who proved to be an excellent businessman, leaving a large estate when he died in 1717. He is first known to have appeared in 1694 [in Calvert Co.] Joshua's first wife, mother of his only known children, was named Mary. Her maiden name and origins are unknown; she died sometime after the birth of the twins, Isaac and Henry, in 1696."

"Joshua then married another Mary, the widow of William Selby, sometime after Selby's death around 1698/99. She brought an infant daughter, born after the death of Selby, to the marriage as well as 100 acres of land called "The Farme"..." (11)

The author of the above two paragraphs has much more data on Joshua Cecil. Included were the following:

On 4 Jul 1792, Joshua and wife Mary Cecil sold to John Deakins the lease of 100 acres of "Mount Calvert Manor", excepting the 4 acres which John Davis acquired from Wm. Stone and John Meriton (Land Records, Liber C, folio 18). He had leased this land for 94 years from John Davis in Sept 1698. (12)

On 23 Jun 1703, Joshua Cecil paid L120 for 309 acres of "The Farme" formerly in Calvert Co, and now in Prince George's Co. on the west side of the Patuxent adjoining "Mansfield", owned by Thomas Truman and part of "The Farme" owned by William Selby. (Land records, Liber C, folio 61).(13)

A Nov 1707 record of St. Paul's Parish, Prince George's Co., shows that Joshua Cecil was one of the vestry men of the parish (Prince George's Heritage, Hienton, p. 60)(14)

For a competent sum of money, Joshua purchased several tracts of land in Prince George's Co. in 1708 from William Collings ...; plantations called "Farme", "Mansfield", "Collins Comfort" and "Twiver'. (15)

In the November Court of 1709 in Prince George's County, Joshua and Mary Cecil deeded a 100 acres portion of "The Farme" to Ann Selby "about ye eleven years" of age because the will of William Selby left no provision for this child born after his death. (16)

20 Feb 1711/12, Joshua and Mary Cecil gave a 2 year old heifer called Cherry to Robert Sollers, son of Robert & Mary Sollers of Anne Arundel Co. Isaac Cecil was one of the witnesses.(Land Records, liber F, folio 107) (17)

On 7 Dec 1715, when Joshua sold two Negro men to Capt. John Hyde, merchant of London, and a parcel called "Groverhurst" of 500 acres, there was no endorsement for his wife. (18)

When he died intestate in 1717, the administration bond valued at L2000, of his administrators, Isaac Cecill and Edward Willett, with Joshua Wilson, Robert Wheeler and Charles Beale as the sureties, was signed on 20 Apr 1717 (Test Proc, liber 23, folio 238(19) )

. Richard Groome, servant of Mary Selby, was at court March 1699 to answer a charge of spreading abroad false and evil reports of political events. (Court Records of Prince George's Co., 1696-1699Archives of Maryland vol. 0202 p. 458) (20)

On 26 Sept 1699, Mrs. Mary Selby was in court to be examined in a case brought by Charles Beale against Richard Taylor. Joshua Cecil was the attorney for Mr. Beale. [Archives of Md vol 0202 p., 592]

Mary Busey and William Selby had the following children:

child + 6 i. Amee3 Selby was born ca 1680.

child + 7 ii. Mary Selby was born ca 1682.

child 8 iii. William Selby was born ca 1685. He married twice. He married Sarah Magruder :. In a 9 Aug 1712 account of the estate of Samuell Maggruder of Prince George's Co, legatee Sarah Selby's payment was made to William Selby. [Prerog Ct 33B.30 abstract]

He married Elizabeth Smith :. Perhaps this Elizabeth Smith was also a daughter of Nathan Smith, as William Selby named a son Nathan. Moses Orme purchased 100 acres of "Towgood" plantation from William Selby on 22 Jan 1725 (liber 1, folio 710) (21)

In his will dated 18 Oct 1732, William Selby left bequests to his children, included land called "Leith". [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 7, p. 26]

Information on this line provided by Marilyn Roth.

child 9 iv. Charles Selby was born ca 1688.

child 10 v. Samuel Selby was born ca 1692. Per Marilyn Roth, Samuel Selby married 12 Dec 1717 in Queen Anne Parish to Sarah Smith, daughter of Nathan.

child 11 vi. Susannah Selby was born ca 1695.

child 12 vii. Ann Selby was born 1699.

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