3. Sarah2 Whipps (John1) was born ca 1672. She died ca Sept 1745: Prince George's Co, MD, at approximately 73 years of age.

She married Paul Busey : in MD. Paul was born bef 1664:. Paul was the son of Paul Busey and Susannah ?. He died ca Oct 1718: Prince George's Co, MD, at approximately 54 years of age.(27) At court on 7 May 1696, Paul Busy's [livestock] mark was recorded in Prince George's Co. It was a mark and a crop and a hole slit out on both ears.(28)

In 1696, Paul Busey was one of a Panel of Jurors for the June Court of Prince George's County. (29)

The "Jurors for the body of Prince Georges County" presented their opinion on the Rangers and Garrison at the falls of Potomeck etc, stating the present situation should be maintained and supported for the safety of the County. This document was signed by, among others, Paul Busey and Nathan Veitch. [Archives of MD vol. 23 pp. 327-28]

Paul Busey and Nathaniell Veetch demanded copias against Thomas Vaughne for trespass. In August 1698, Nathaniel Veetch and Paul Busey demanded subpoena for Ann Fowler to testify inter they and Thomas Vaughne. In September 1698, the action was agreed.(30)

On 22 Nov 1698, Paul Beusey was fined 200 pounds of tobacco for absenting himself from the jury. Paul appeared presently making a resonable excuse for so doeing the Justices remitted his fine.(31)

March 1699, "We present Paul Busey, Matthew Mackebou, John Rooke, Willima Gaskin, John Mortemore and Henry Buttler for fighting and being drunk, breaking of his Majestyes peace etc."(32) This case came before the June 1699 court: "present Paul Bewsey late of Prince Georges County Planter for that he the said Paule the 28th day of March 1699 att Charles Town in the County aforesaid did in the Contempt of the good Laws of this Province and of the Kingdom of England make himself Drunk and in Such manner, did abear himselfe in Fighting against the tennour of the Good Laws of God and this Province ...the Said Paul Beusey cometh and defendth the force and Injury when ... [etc.] and Saith for plea that he was Sorry for the offence committed and humbly Submitted himself to the Court..."(33)

In 1699, Paul Busey served as a surety for Mary Selby's administration bond, for William Selby estate. The co-surety was Jos. C--ill. (test proc p. 268, March? 1699, MdHR 973) Perhaps it was Joshua Cecill, who soon married the widowed Mary?

In perhaps 1705, Paul Busey and Samuel Magruder Jr appraised the estate of Thomas Beale. [Prerog Ct 29.156]

In 1706, Paul Bussey (sic) and Nathan Veich were granted a certificate on 125 acres called "Hawkes Nest" in Prince George's County. [DD #5-224](34) Apparently, Nathan Veitch died before Nov 1705, however.

6 Feb 1706/7, Paul Busey and Alexander Beale were appraisers of John Rigden estate [Prerog Ct 26.249]

21 Feb 1706/7, Mr. Paull Busey and Benjamin Berry were appraisers for the estate of Capt. James Bigger. [Prerog Ct 25.388]

8 Apr 1707, Paul Busey and Thomas Clagett appraised the inventory of Mr. John Lecount of Prince George's Co. [Prerog Ct 27.87]

8 June 1708, Paull Busey and Thomas Clagett appraised the inventory of Mr. John Laccount of Prince George's County. [Prerog Ct 28.253]

4 Sept 1709, Paul Bus(e)y and Thomas Claget(t) appraised the inventory of David Davis. [Prerog Ct 30.219]

12 Feb 1710, Paul Bus(e)y and John Jackson appraised the inventory of Ninian Beal, Jr. of Prince George's County [Prerog Ct 32B.95] Next of kin appeared to be Ninian Beale and Samuel Magruder.

5 June 1711, Alexander Beal and Paul Busey appraised the inventory of Samuell Magruder, Sr, gentleman, of Prince George's County. [Prerog Ct 32B.168]

In 1712, Paul Busey was among the sheriffs called from their respective counties to make returns of their panels of Grand Jurors at the Provincial Court at Annapolis.CI:153:?1:CI]

In 1712, Paul Bussey (sic) conveyed to his brother Charles Bussey (sic) 200 acres in Calvert Co called "Dunkirk." This land had been surveyed for William Groom in 1669, but the surviving record does not indicate how Paul acquired it.(35)

31 May 1714, Francis Piles and Paul Busey were appraisers of the inventory of Edward Pharix of Prince George's County. Jane Hinds was next of kin. [Prerog Ct 325A.356 abstract]

On 15 Sept 1714, Paul Busey, planter, of Prince Georges Co sold to Richard Keene, planter of the same county for 45 pounds, 100 acres of "Charles Hills." Wife Sarah Busey acknowledged the deed. [per Richard D. Prall] Chas. Hills of 520 acres was originally patented by Ninian Beale in 1673 in Calvert Co [MSA 1583, Patent Tract Index on-line, Patent Record 15 p. 83 and 17 p. 365]

In 1716, Paul Bussey (sic) patented 25 1/2 acres called "Toulon" in Prince George's County.[PL#2-34] (36)

25 Jul 1717, Thomas Clagett and Paul Busey were sureties for Edmond Shays? administrator of the estate of Matthew Dorys?? [Testamentary Proceedings, Prince George's County, vol. 23, p. 160]

In 1716/17, Paul Busey received a payment from the estate of Benjamin Long. Also receiving payments were Benjamin Berry (executor), Richard Keene and Capt. Clagett, among others. [Prerog Ct 37C.124 abstract]

Paul Busey, planter, of Prince George's County, wrote his will 24 Sept 1718. He left his wife Sarah "Chas. Hill Land" and "Touloon" during her lifetime, and then to his six named sons equally. The rest of the estate was to go to all children equally. He named his wife Sarah, son Paul and brother Charles as executors. The will was witnessed by Thos. Blacklock, Benj. Berry Sr, and Edwd Mobberly. Probate 1 Nov 1718, liber 15.35 [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 4, p. 194] ...

"I Paul Busey in the County of Prince george and province of maryland Planter being sick and weak but of Sound and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty god ... Impts I recomend my Soul into ye hands of allmighty god who gave itt me, hopeing and trusting for its Salvation through Christ Jesus my only Savr & redmr Item I give and bequesth my body to be decently buryed ... as for my worldly Estate which god allmighty has Endowd me with I bequeath as follows Item ... unot my dearly beloved wife Sarah Busey my two tracts of Land named Cha: Hill Land & Touloon Land ... during her naturl Life Item after yd decead of my siad wife Sarah Busey I give ... said two tracts of Land ... unto my six sons vizt Paul Busey, John Busey Cha: Busey Saml Busey Ewd Busey and Joshua Busey to be Equally devided amongst Each and Every of my afsd Sons ... unto my Dearly beloved wife Sarah Busey my negroe woman Jone and my negroe girle pegg .. after yd Decease of my Said wife ... the remaining part of yd said negores and their Issue to be and their Value to be Equally Devided amongst my children both Sons and daughters ... remainder of my personal estate to be Equally Devided between all my Children both Sons and Daughters ... my wife Sarah Busey my Son Paul Busey and my brother Char: Busey Executors to this my Last will ... " signed by Paul Busey (seal), witnessed by Thos (B) Blacklock, Benja: Berry Senr, Edwd Mobberley. The witnesses came forward 1 & 3 Nov 1718 [Wills liber 15 folio 35-38]

The names of Paul & Sarah's children are established by Prince George's County Guardian Bonds (MdHR 9807 pg. 18) dated 29 March 1722, as Paul, John, Charles, Sarah, (unnamed daughter the wife of) Benja[min] Allen, Susannah, Samuel, Edmond (sic), Joshua and Anne. This would appear to be the birth order as the sons are in the same order as the will and the girls are interspersed.

The inventory of Paul Busey, Sr. was appraised by Ninian Magruder and John Magruder 2 Feb 1718/9 in Prince George's County. The approvers were Jac. Belt, Paul Busey and John Busey. [Prerogative Ct liber 2.83]. value L93.10.3

An accounting of the estate was filed 4 Dec 1719. Payments included Joseph Belt, Thomas Blacklock and Ralph Crabb. [Prerog Ct 2.489]

In an 18 Aug 1721 accounting of the Paul Busey estate, payments were made to Isaac Cecell, Thomas Hynd, among others. [Prerog Ct 3.514] (37)

Another accounting was filed 15 Oct 1723, which had payments to Elisabeth Brooke, Thomas Boardley, Allexander Contee, and Dr. Hepbourn. [Prerog Ct 5.412] In the testamentary proceedings Prince George's County vol. 23: "Paul Busey his Testary bond by Sarah Busey his Lx with Richard Keene and John Clegett her sureties in three hundred pounds Ster gl Dted the ... of Decb 1718" (p. 308 Jan 21, 1718/9 proceedings].

On 24 Oct 1721, Paul Bussey (sic), planter, and Sarah Bussey (sic), widow, of Prince Georges County sold to Joseph Belt, gentleman of the same, 3/4 acres lot #15 in Upper Marlborough Town on the Western Branch.

In the Prince George's County Guardian Bonds (MdHR 9807, p. 18), dated 29 Mar 1722, Sarah Busey, widow and Ralph Crabb were bound unto the ten orphans of Paul Busey, dec'd.(38).

Widow Busey made a payment to the estate of Dr. Richard Pile of Prince George's County, according to an accounting dated 2 Aug 1733. [Prerogative Ct liber 11.728 abstract]

In a 29 Jul 1736 accounting of the Prince George's County estate of Hugh Arbuthnot (London merchant), a payment was received from Sarah Busey. A payment was also made to John Busey (as administrator of Paul Busey). [Prerogative Ct 15.62 abstract]

In August 1736, Sarah Busey and John Busey signed the inventory of Edmund Evans of Anne Arundel Co as next of kin. [Prerogative Ct liber 22.31 abstract] His widow, Abigall Evans was a sister of Sarah Whipps Busey.

In her will dated 25 Aug 1745 (proved 15 Oct 1745), Sarah Beusey wrote: "In the name of God Amen. I Sarah Beusey of Prince Georges County being sick of Body but of perfect mind and memory do constitute and appoint this my last will and testament and do dispose of my worldly goods as hath pleased God to bless me with in the following manner.. to my son Edward Beusey one Negro Woman Named Cate...to my son Samuel Beusey one Negro Boy Named Nate(?) and one feather Bed and furniture which he now has in possession ... my son in law Joseph Richardson one negro Boy Named Hercules for and during the natural life of my son in law Griffith Davis he the said Richardson paying yearly the proffits of his labour to the support of my Daughter Anne Davis and after the decease of the aforesaid Grifith my will is the said Negro be delivered to my said daughter Anne Davis and her heirs for ever. ...to my Granddaughter Mary Ray one Nego Girl named Rachel one Cow and Calf one yearling and one Bed and furniture... the remaining part of my Estate to be Equally divided between my children living... I appoint my son John Beusey whole and sole exer of this my last will and testament..." This was witnessed by Henry (H) Smith, Daniel (B) Beusey and James (R) Ray [all by mark as noted] [Wills vol. 24 page 234-235]

The inventory of Sarah Bousey of Prince George's County was made 24 Dec 1745 and entered 22 Jan 1745/6. The appraisers were James Magruder and Edward Clagett; next of kin were Samuel Busey and Edward Busey; executor was John Busey. Value was L341.2.8 [Prerogative Ct liber 32.66 abstract]

In a 3 Jun 1748 accounting of the estate of Sarah Busey, monies were received of Patrick Reding and payments were made to Samuell Magruder Jr, John Cook, Daniel Dulany Esq, Mark Webb, [attorney] Henry Darnall (of Portland Mannor), Mr. Richard Keen, John Busey (accountant) and Mary Clegget. [Prerogative Ct liber 25.94 abstract]

For more on the Busey family, see http://www.geocities.com/paschkep/Busey/index.htm

Sarah Whipps and Paul Busey had the following children:

child 16 i. Paul3 Busey was born ca 1694. He died Jun 1731: Prince George's Co, MD, at 36 years of age.(39) Could this Paul be the Paul Busey, planter of Prince George's County, who sold 100 acres of "Packelets Zest" to Joseph Belt, merchant for 15 pounds of tobacco on 26 Jan 1715/16? According to Richard D. Prall (Crabbe researcher) this deed was acknowledged by Paul Busey and wife Mary Busey. Note that "Pacholets Rest" of 100 acres was patented by William Downing in 1684 [MSA S1596-3151]. See reference to William Downing under Paul's uncle Charles Busey; there is some family relationship. If it weren't for the reference to wife Mary, I would think this deed was by the elder Paul Busey. To determine the proper Paul, this deed needs to be examined.

Paul was named one of the executors of his father's will in 1718. He was a taxable in Mount Calvert Hundred in 1719. He died with neither wife nor children.(40)

4 Oct 1721, Paul Busey, planter, and Sarah Busey, widow, both of Prince George's County ... to Joseph Bolt of same ... 2000 pounds of tobacco .. parcel in Upper Marlborough on western Branch of Patt. River ... lot #15 ... laid out for Paul Busey Snr. of Prince George's County ... signed: Paul (PB) Busey, by mark, and Sarah Busey by signature. [PG Co deeds I p. 186-88]

Paul Busey, of Prince George's County, made his will 29 May 1731. He left his estate to his brother John and sister Sarah equally. The will was witnessed by John Mawdesly, Samuel Busey and Joshua Busey. It was probated 23 Jun 1731, liber 20.202 [Md Calendar of Wills vol 6, p. 189]

On 23 Jun 1731, John Busey recorded the administration bond, with Edward Busey and Benjamin Allen of Prince George's Co, his sureties for 100 pounds sterling. [liber 29, folio 102]

His inventory was prepared 7 Jul 1731 and entered 28 Aug 1731 [Prerog Ct liber 16.252]. The appraisers were Thomas Clagett Jr. and John Clagett. Next of kin were Sarrah Busey and Samuell Busey. His aministrator was John Busey.

By 8 May 1732, payments from this estate were made to Dr. Patrick Simm and Dr. James Boswell, Jos. Belt, Benjamin Allen, Elizabeth Wilson, John Townley, William Selby, ... Ann Miller (late Ann Beckworth), Mr.(sic) Sarah Busey Jr., etc. [Prerogative Ct 11.192] My reading of the original Sarah Busey Jr. entry is that is possibly Ms., clearly not Mrs. nor Mr. This suggests that his sister Sarah was not yet married.

child 17 ii. John Busey was born ca 1696. He died after 1748:. In January 1717/18, he witnessed the will of Ninian Beall of Prince George's County. He acted as administrator of his brother Paul's estate in 1731. In 1733, he was shown as taxable in Mount Calvert Hundred. As heir-at-law to his deceased brother Charles, he deeded part of "Clagetts Purchase " or "Fathers Gift" to his sister-in-law's new husband, Charles Jones in 1737. John Busey transacted business with Samuel Hyde as evidenced by a bill of lading dated 1741 and a bill of exchange dated 1746. In 1748, he joined with his brothers in dividing the land they had jointly received from their father. No wife appeared to release dower in the 1737 nor 1748 deeds, suggesting he was a bachelor. In 1750, his portion of "Charles Hills" was in the name of Samuel Busey (per the Debt Books), suggesting John had died and the property had passed to his eldest surviving brother. (41)

In a 30 Sept 1734 accounting of the Prince George's County estate of Capt. Thomas Clagett, payments were made to John Busey, among others.[Prerogative Ct 12.640]

On 10 Jul 1745, John Busey, along with Geo. Gordon, Robert Bradley and Nicholas Digges, witnessed the will of Daniell Carroll, gentleman, of Prince George's County. [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 10, p. 152-3]

On 24 Jun 1747, Solomey Large, administratrix of Philip Large filed her administration bond with Ninian Willitt and John Busey of Prince George's Co. her sureties. [MSA 988 Test Proc vol 32 p. 110] The inventory of this estate was made 11 Jul 1747 [Prerog Ct 35.219]

In a 28 Jun 1748 account of the estate of Phill. Large, payments were made to Richard Keen, Basil Beckwith, Jeremiah Berry, Benjamin Berry, --- Willit, John Busey and others. Solomy Large was administratrix.[Prerog Ct 25.98 abstract]

In a 27 Jun 1750 account of the estate of Solomy Large of Prince George's Co, payments were made to Jeremiah Berry and John Bussey (sic). Dr. John Sprigg and John Orme (near Marlbourgh Town) were the sureties. Henry Brooke was the administrator. [Prerog Ct 28.243 abstract]

child 18 iii. Charles Busey was born ca Jan 1698.(42) He died bef 1 Jul 1734: Prince George's Co, MD. He married Mary Mawdesley bef 25 Mar 1731:. Mary was the daughter of John Mawdesley. She is mentioned as daughter Mary Jones in the will of John Madesley in 1743 (Calendar of Wills 8:244)

He was baptized 9 October 1698 St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD. aged about 9 months. His father-in-law, John Mawdesley, of Prince George's County, deeded Charles Busey, carpenter, a tract of land called "Clagetts Purchase" or "Charles Guift" on 25 Mar 1731 (Q:246). In 1733, Charles is on the PG County tax lists next to his brother Joshua and Charles Jones. (43)

Charles Busey's administration bond was entered 2 Aug 1734 by Mary Busey, his executor with John Mawdesley of Prince George's Co, her surety. [Test Proc liber 29, folio 432]

His estate in Prince George's County was appraised 28 Oct 1735 (sic). He left no children, so his land passed to his eldest brother, John. As heir-at-law of Charles, John Busey deeded part of "Clagetts Purchase" or :"Fathers Guift" to his sister-in-law's new husband, Charles Jones, in 1737.(44)

The inventory of the estate of Charles Beausey was made 25 Oct 1734 and entered 9 Nov 1734. The appraisers were John Pritchett and William Ray. Next of kin were John Busey and Samuel Busey and Mary Busey was administratrix. [Prerogative Ct liber 20.68 abstract]

In an accounting dated 26 Nov 1735 for the estate of Charles Busey of Prince George's County, payments were made to Thomas Clagett, Joshua Busey, and others. The administratrix was Mary Jones, wife of Charles Jones. [Prerogative Ct liber 14.79 abstact]

child 19 iv. Sarah Busey was born ca 1700. She married Joseph Richardson or Mr. Ray bef 1745:. Joseph Richardson was named in the will of his mother-in-law, Sarah Beusey in 1745. His wife's name was not mentioned.

Could this be the Joseph Richardson of Frederick Co who wrote his will 20 Jul 1765, as a "very sick" man, naming wife Sarah and daughter Sarah Webster, wife of Isaac Webster? His will was probated 26 Sept 1765 in Anne Arundel Co and was witnessed by Richard Brooke, Basil Brooke and Evan Thomas. Evan and Richard were Quakers. [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 13, p. 87] (There is a Quaker marriage for Joseph Richardson to Sarah Taylor 25 Oct 1705 in Anne Arundel Co at the West River Meeting House; researchers Margot Woodrough and Terrence Mason indicate that the 1705 groom Joseph Richardson died in 1748. I have not looked into this further) It has not been established which of Paul & Sarah Busey's daughters married Joseph Richardson. In her will, Sarah (Whipps) Busey identifies her son-in-law Joseph Richardson, but does not name his wife, her daughter. She also mentions a granddaughter Mary Ray, the source for assuming another daughter had married a Mr. Ray. This may or may not be the case.

In 1731, her brother Paul Busey left his estate to his brother and sister, John and Sarah. Sarrah Busey and Samuel Busey signed the inventory as next of kin. A "Ms. Sarah Busey Jr." received a payment from this estate. (see comments under Paul Busey] It would appear that Sarah was not yet married at this time. An examination of the will (to see if he referred to his sister as Sarah Busey) and of the signature on the inventory (to compare it to signatures of Sarah Whipps Busey) would help to shed light on this.

Clearly, if Sarah Busey married, it was after April 1731.

child 20 v. -?- Busey was born ca 1701. She married Benjamin Allen before 1722:. On 23 June 1731, Benjamin Allen, of Prince George's County, served as a surety with Edward Busey on the administration bond of John Busey for the estate of Paul Busey in Prince George's Co. (all of these Buseys are sons of Paul II)

Benjamin Allen was taxable in Patuxent Hundred in Prince George's County in 1733.(45)

In 1751, a Benjamin Allen of Anne Arundel Co. died; however, he had married Mary Prindowell in Dec 1724, so, he is not our guy.

child 21 vi. Susannah Busey was born ca 1703. She married Mr. Ray or Joseph Richardson aft 1728: Prince George's Co, MD. Could this be John Ray be the brother of Mary Ray and Eleanor Ray Busey (wife of Joshua)? If so, he had at least children Josiah Ray and Ann Ray in 1794 when Mary Ray wrote her will.

In 1748, a John and a James Ray served in Capt. George Beall's Troop of Horse in Prince George's County, along with Edward and Joshua Busey.(46) In an accounting of the estate of Mrs. Elisabeth Levett (widow) of Prince George's County dated 4 Jan 1728/9, payments were received from Ralph Crabb, William Selby, Ann Beckwith, ..., Susanna Busey, Capt. Thomas Clagett, ... [Prerogative Ct liber 9.235 abstract]

In Sarah (Whipps) Busey's will of 1745, she mentioned a granddaughter Mary Ray. This is the only evidence I know of linking a daughter of Paul & Sarah to a Mr. Ray. Therefore, it has not been established which daughter married Joseph Richardson or which married Mr. Ray. The first name of John Ray made by Harmison and Rouse is pure speculation. A James Ray witnessed Sarah Busey's will. It could also be that Mary Ray was a young married lady, daughter of one of Sarah (Whipps) Busey's other children.

child 22 vii. Samuel Busey was born ca 1705. He died ca Jul 1774: in Frederick Co, MD, at approximately 69 years of age. He married ? ? :. She died before 1748:. Samuel Busey was a witness to his brother Paul's will in 1731. In 1733, he was taxable in Mount Calvert Hundred, Prince George's County. When he joined in the partition of "Charles Hills", no wife released her dower. In 1753, he bought shares of "Charles Hills" from his brothers Joshua and Edward. He is shown as the owner of "Charles Hills" in the debt books of 1750 and 1753-67. In 1768, he purchased land in Frederick County and appears in the debt books there until 1773. He signed his legal documents by mark "S".(47)

On 7 Apr 1739, James Magruder, James Lucas and Sam'll Bensey (sic) witnessed the will of John Henry in Prince George's County. Whether or not this was Samuel Busey could be determined by examining the recorded document [Md Calendar of Wills vol 8, p. 42]

In a 10 Feb 1749 account of the estate of Solomy Large of Prince George's Co, a payment was made to Samuel Buecey. Henry Brooke was the administrator. [Prerog Ct 27.273 abstract] Note that Samuel's brother John had been a surety for the administration bond of Solomy Large on her husband Philip's estate in 1747 (see John Busey)

On 25 May 1751, Samuel (S) Busey, along with Jeremiah Berry and W. Beanes Jr, witnessed the will of Richard Keene, merchant, of Prince George's County. [Md Calendar of Wills vol 11, p. 46]

In the Frederick Co 1768 debt books, Samuel Busey is shown with "Resurvey on Content" and "Resurvey on Saplin Ridge".

He made his will 29 Oct 1770 and named daughters Mercy Soper and Priscilla Hobbs. Mercy received part of the land "where I now dwell" on the north side of Bennets Creek and meadow on the south side of said creek. Priscilla got the remaining part of said land, on the south side of Bennets Creek. The witnesses were Jeremiah Browning, Jonathan Browning Sr, and Jonathan Browning Jr. The will was probated on 28 Jul 1774, liber 39.798 [Md Calendar of Wills vol 15, p. 161].

child 23 viii. Edward Busey was born ca 1709. He died ca Apr 1778: in Frederick Co, MD, at approximately 68 years of age. He married Sarah ? bef 1739:. Sarah was born aft 1715:. She died bef 1778:. In 1733, Edward Busey was taxable in Upper Piscataway Hundred, Prince George's County. He appears in the Frederick County debt books in 1750 and 1753-69.(48)

In a lease dated January 1738/9 (recorded 26 Mar 1739), Edward Busey, carpenter, rented from Thomas Butler, 100 acres, part of "Joesph Park," along Rock Creek for the natural lives of himself, wife Sarah and daughter Mary). Edward acknowleged the agreement by mark "E". [Prince George's County Land Records vol. Y, pp. 2-3; MdHR 5714]

In 1745, Sarah Busey willed a negro Cate to her son Edward.

In 1748, Edw Busey served in Captain Beall's Troop of Horse in Prince George's County, along with his brother Joshua Busey, John Ray, and James Ray.(49)

On 10 Oct 1748, he patented 100 acres called "Black Walnut Plains" in Frederick County. [Patents TI #4, pp. 198-9] This land was at the head of Bennett's Creek, northernmost fork.

23 Apr 1753, Edward Busey of Frederick Co, sold his 59 1/2 acre share of "Charles Hills" in Prince George's County to Samuel Busey of Prince George's Co. Edward signed by mark "E" and his wife Sarah acknowledged the deed. [Land NN pp. 113-114 PG Co]

Edward Busey patented "Timber Land" of 36 acres 20 Mar 1763. This was assigned from Charles Jones (see Record of Cash liber #19 BC & GS p. 322) granted 2 Jan 1754 of 26 acres. The land is located on Hog Penn branch of Bush Creek.[per p. 301 & 302 Land Office Patents] The warrant to Chas. Jones of Frederick Co was for 22 acres on 2 Jan 1754, assigned to Edward Busey who paid L1.5.6 sterling and paid 13s 1f for 9 years 6 mos. rent. [liber #19 pg. 322-3]

In March 1765, Edward added 100 acres of vacant land in Frederick Co to a resurvey of "Timberland". [BCGS #27 p. 276]

In the 1768 Frederick Co debt books, Edward was the occupant of "Black Walnut" (100 acres) and "Resurvey Timberland" (136 acres)

The inventory of his estate was made 5 Jun 1778 in Frederick County, MD [and recorded in Liber GM No. 1, folio 75]. This was presented by Charles Busey, administrator, and accepted by "kin" Edward Busey (by signature) and Paul Busey (by mark "PB"). His property included 5 slaves: Frank (17), Jenney (21), Cate (62), Dick (4) and Rachall (2); and one servant man, James Short. Also included were branding irons EB, 2 old spelling books, 5 table knives & forks with case, 1 large chest with lock, 2 oake bedsteads with cords, 1 old maple bedstead, ... 1 feather bed with bolster 2 pillows 1 blankett & sheet, 1 bed with 2 pillows 1 blanket & sheet, 1 bed wh stead boulstr 1 blankett 1 rugg 2 sheets 1 pillow, 1 old bed with old blankett & quilt, etc.

child 24 ix. Joshua Busey(50) was born ca 1711. He died bef Mar 1794:. He married Elianor Ray bef 27 Aug 1747: Prince George's Co, MD.(51) Elianor was born 17 Dec 1715: Prince George's Co, MD. Christened at St. Barnabus Church, Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County (per Ann T. Sipes research) Elianor was the daughter of William Ray Sr. and Elizabeth ?.

She died bef July 1786:. Elianor Ray was married first to Edward Jones of Prince George's Co, who died in 1744 leaving four children: Josiah, Eliza, William and Charles Jones. By 1747, she had married Joshua Busey who, with his brother Edward Busey and John Needham, executed that year a guardian bond for the children obligating him to pay them their inheritance. Probably, this Edward Jones was a brother to Charles Jones who married Mary Busey, the widow of Joshua's brother Charles Busey, around 1735.

In 1760, William Ray, Sr., of Frederick County, left his daughter Eleanor Bussey (sic) one shilling in his will. Elianor had siblings William, John, Mary, Margaret (Pritchett), Elizabeth (Pritchett), Rebecca, Ruth and Thomas Ray.

In 1794, Mary Ray of Montgomery Co, MD, wrote her will and named nephew Samuel Busey, son of Joshua Busey, among other relatives. Joshua was a witness to the will of his brother Paul in 1731. In 1733, he was taxable in the Potomack Hundred, Prince George's County.

On 3 May 1741, Joshua Busey, along with Zach'll and Sarah Magruder, witnessed the will of William Penson of Prince George's County [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 8, p. 149]

On 27 Aug 1747, Joshua Busey obligated himself to pay monies deposited with the Justices of Prince George's County Court for the estate of Edward Jones, to the orphans Josiah, Elizabeth, William and Charles Jones. The obligation was made by Joshua Busey, John Needham and Edward Busey (the first two by signature, the last by mark "E")(52)

In 1748, Joshua Busey served in Capt. George Beall's Troop of Horse in Prince George's County. Also in that company were Edw Busey, Charles Jones, John Ray and James Ray.(53)

Joshua executed deeds in 1748 and 1753, along with his wife Eleanor. He purchased land in Frederick County in 1751 from Thomas Ray. Joshua appears in the debt books in Frederick County in 1751 and in 1753-73 with "Charles & Thomas" and "Jones Slips."

On 24 Nov 1756, Joshua witnessed the will of Rachel Harris of Frederick Co. [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 11, p. 164]

In August 1776, Joshua (65), Eleanor (60), John (25) and Samuel (20) Busey appear in the census of Lower Potomack Hundred, Frederick County, Maryland.

On or before 10 Jan 1778, Joshua, John and Samuel Busey took the Oath of Affirmation of Fidelity and Support to the State in Montgomery County (worshipfull Charles Jones' returns).(54)

In 1785 and 1786, Joshua deeded land and slaves to John and Samuel Busey; however Eleanor did not acknowledge these transfers suggesting she was deceased. No will or administration of his estate has been located; however it is believed he died by 4 Mar 1794, when his son John conveyed his interest in "Jones Slips" to his other son Samuel. (55) Interestingly, Jones Slips had been patented by Edward Jones in 1743 in Montgomery Co [MSA S159x Montgomery Patents, Tracts Index on-line]

child 25 x. Anne Busey was born ca 1711. She died aft 1745:. She married Griffith Davis ca 1727:. Griffith was born ca 1708:. He died aft 1745:. He may have been a son of Griffith Davis and Eleanor Forrest.

Griffith Davis is a taxable in the 1733 list for Mount Calvert Hundred.(56)

In a 27 Jun 1750 account of the estate of Solmy Large of Prince George's Co, a payment was received from Greffeth Davis. [Prerog Ct 28.243 abstract] Note that both John and Samuel Busey were mentioned in various records of this estate.

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