Notes and References

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3. IGI , Family History Library Elizabeth Metalfe christened 23 Apr 1676, Askrigg, Yorkshire, England, daughter of John Metcalfe. A William Mecalfe, son of Joh., was christened 17 Dec 1676 and Jane Metcalf, daughter of Joh., was christened 23 Nov 1678. Of those christenings from 1674 (the start of these records) these were the only Elizabeth, William and Jane with the same father's name in Askrigg. (hereafter cited as IGI, Family History Library).
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7. Lewis and Lois also had Sarah Evans who married Samuel Griffith in 1702, and Katherine Evans who married William Thornboy
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9. She may have died 18 Apr 1711, as such a Jane Jones is buried in St. James Parish.
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38. Per Richard D. Prall, Ralph Crabb died 1734; his wife was Priscilla Sprigg, daughter of Col.Thomas Sprigg. He knows of no blood connection to the Busey family
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51. This marriage occurred between 25 Jun 1746, when an account was entered in the Edward Jones estate naming Elianor Jones as his administrix, and 27 Aug 1747. when Joshua Busey executed the guardian bond for the orphans of Edward Jones.
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