3. Samuel2 Curtis (Mr.1) was born in PA 17 December 1781.(6) Samuel died 14 September 1849: in Adams Twp, Guernsey Co, OH, at 67 years of age.(7)

He married Mary Keesberry in Lewistown, Mifflin Co, PA, 25 December 1806.(8) Performed by Philip Keiser, JP, in Lewistown.

Mary was born 17 December 1786 in PA.(9) Mary was the daughter of Samuel Keesberry and Susanna -?-. Mary died aft Sept 1871: in ?Guernsey Co, OH?. Mary applied for bounty land in Senecaville, Ohio, 7 Apr 1855.(10) Mary Curtis was granted a warrant for 80 acres which she assigned to John Bucy Jr on 13 Apr 1852 (she signed by mark "X"). John then sold the warrant to Erastus Ripley on 18 Jan 1854. Erastus patented the land, located in Scott Co, Iowa, on 1 December 1854

Mary applied for bounty land 19 Apr 1856.(11) Mary received a warrant for 80 acres. She sold it to Joshua Hunt of Guernsey Co, Ohio, 17 Sept 1855, acknowledged by her mark "X." Joshua patented his land through the Brownsville land office.

Mary applied for a military pension in Ohio, 14 Feb 1871.(12) Mary Curtis was to receive eight dollars each month by certificate dated 1 Sept 1871. She applied for the pension 8 Apr 1871; she signed by mark "X." Mary lived in Cambridge township after the death of her husband, as evidenced by census records of 1850, 1860 and 1870. In 1850 and 1860, she was noted as the head of household, but in 1870, her son John, aged 53 and a farmer, got that distinction. Mary has not been found in the 1880 census.

Contrary to her husband's literacy, Mary could neither read nor write and signed documents with an "x."

Samuel served in the military in Mifflin Co, PA, 1 Mar 1813.(13) "Samuel Curtis together with said company voluntered at or near Lake Erie to go to the assistance of Comador Perry but were not taken to him but guarded mostly." [Pension file]. Samuel's muster roll indicates that he was on the rolls from 10 Apr to 5 Nov 1813. On the 17 Sept 1813 roll, the company was camped at Portage River.

He was released from active duty in Erie, PA, 20 Nov 1813.(14) He was discharged 270 miles from Mifflin. Samuel was a farmer in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, before migrating to Guernsey County, Ohio. He was an educated man and served as the scribe for his Company in the War of 1812. According to a muster roll dated 10 June 1812, Samuel was a private in the 74th Regiment fo the first brigade 11th division under Captain William McCoy, a company of 50 men (43 of whom were armed). On the handwritten "class roll of Captain Rodgers Company" there were 90 persons exclusive of the field officers "wrote this 4th day of June by Samuel Curtis." His pension file at the National Archives includes this handwritten muster roll of his Company as well as transcriptions of his family Bible record. It makes mention only of service in 1813 under Capt. Rogers.

For his term of service in the War of 1812, Samuel was paid $58.39, which included $3.46 for thirteen days travelling. The salary for a private was $8 per month.

In the 1830s, Samuel moved his family to Adams Twp, Guernsey Co, Ohio, where he was a farmer.

Samuel Curtis and Mary Keesberry had the following children:

child 10 i. Harriet Eliza3 Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 23 Sept 1807.(15)

child 11 ii. George Washington Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 18 Oct 1809.(16) George died 15 Feb 1854: in Yreka City, Siskiyou Co, CA, at 44 years of age.(17) He migrated March 1852.(18) He sold property in Yreka City, Siskiyou Co, CA, 4 Feb 1854.(19) George W. Curtis of the City of Yreka, granted to Albert C. Green for $800, all his rights, title, interest and claim in and unto a certain house or shop and lot situated on miners street Yreka adjoining the lot of Mrs. Irvin ... the whole buildings and outhouses thereon erected together with all the tools, stock and goods in said shop, furniture, cooking utensils, wood, etc. on said premises.

He sold property in Yreka City, Siskiyou Co, CA, 10 Feb 1854.(20) George W. Curtis of Yreka City granted to Albert C. Green for $250, a parcel of land situated in Yreka beginning at the stake at the NE corner of Mrs. Irving's lot on the south side of Miner's Street and curving thence east along the south side of Miner's Street, 22 feet thence south 150 feet thence west 22 feet thence north 150 feet with all tools, book accounts, debts, goods, stock on hand and furniture of what ever kind whatsoever or description of said premises and owing to me. This deed was recorded the day George died. According to the 1850 census, George was a silversmith.

George Curtis was a member of a group that "started with the intention of driving a large number of stock across the plains to California. In the number were W.K. Davis, wife and five children; John Wharton, George W. Curtis, James Hammond, Francis Hammond, Israel Jackson, Charles Scott, James Cochran, John R. Ellis and James Pollard."(21)

Just two years earlier a group had left the area, beginning their journey by catching a boat at Wheeling to carry them down the Ohio river. Before they set out, they had to vote whether to go by way of Nicaragua or take the overland route. A large number had voted for the latter. After making their boat trip to St. Louis, they purchased mules, oxen, and wagons for the long journey across the plains and over the mountains. (22)

child 12 iii. Mary Ann Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 18 Apr 1812.(23) She was living at home in 1850.

child 13 iv. Susan Boude Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 23 Oct 1814.(24) She was married 9 Oct 1837 Guernsey Co, OH, to John Riley.

child + 14 v. John Keesberry Curtis was born 28 Mar 1817.

child + 15 vi. Anna Amelia Curtis was born 20 March 1820.

child 16 vii. Francis Perry Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 28 Aug 1822.(25) Francis died 29 Sept 1822: in Mifflin Co, PA, at less than one year of age.(26)

child 17 viii. Samuel F. Curtis was born in Mifflin Co, PA 11 Sept 1823.(27)

child + 18 ix. Caroline Ross Curtis was born 28 Jun 1826.

child + 19 x. Emeline Amanda Curtis was born 12 Mar 1829.

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