14. John Keesberry3 Curtis (Samuel2, Mr.1) was born in Mifflin Co, PA 28 Mar 1817.(30)

He married Ellen Albright Guernsey Co, OH, 16 Apr 1873. Ellen was born ca 1848 in Ohio.

He was the defendant in a lawsuit Guernsey Co, OH, 6 Dec 1873.(31) Emeline A. Curtis claimed that her brother owed her $600 for six years of housekeeping etc. -- to wit: "for services rendered from the 1st day of April 1867 until the 1st day of April 1873 in cooking, washing, mending, and doing general housework and miscellaneoous work upon the farm of defendant and at his request and which said sum of money was then due... thought often requested hath not paid said sum of money nor any part thereof."

A summons was issued to John K. Curtis and he replied thus: "from the 1st of April 1867 until the 1st of April 1873 said plaintiff did stay with said defendant as a relative without hire or any contract express or implied for wages and defendant denies that any demand for pay was ever made therefore and he says that plaintiff did not do miscellaneous work upon the farm of defendant but remained with defendant during said time enjoying the benefits of defendants household and during said time defendant furnished and provided defendant boarded clothed and furnished school books for Violet Curtis the minor daughter of plaintiff who also resided with defendant the time aforesaid and went to school a great portion of said time and the defendant avers that in that way to wit in boarding clothing household goods and necessaries etc for plaintiff and in boarding clothing and providing as aforesaid for plaintiffs daughter. The plaintiff was fully paid and compensated for all the services she rendered defendant within said time and ... that about the 1st of April 1872 he agreed with plaintiff to give her one hundred dollars for one years service in and about house work commencing for said service on the 1st of April 1872 and ending on the 1st of April 1873 ... before the commencement of this suit he fully paid plaintiff for said services as he agreed to do ... John was working as a teamster in 1860, but by 1870 he was a farmer with $1000 in personal property.

John Keesberry Curtis and Ellen Albright had the following children:

child 35 i. Mary4 Curtis was born in Ohio ca 1875.

child 36 ii. Laura Curtis was born in Jackson Twp, Guernsey Co, Ohio 28 Nov 1877. She was married bef 1906 to J. Frank Nugent.

child 37 iii. John Howard Curtis was born Jackson Twp, Guernsey Co, OH 2 Oct 1879.

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