Busey First Generation

1. ElizabethA ? was born bef 1615. She died before 1651:.

She married twice. She married -?- Busey before 1630-37:. He died bef 1650:. She married Henry Cox aft 1630:. Henry was born bef 1615:. He died aft 1677:. It appears that Henry Cox was married at least three times. The first wife we know of is Mrs. Elizabeth Busey, then Mrs. Ward, then, perhaps, Mrs. Margarett Cox. There is no apparent issue of the first two wives, but he may have had one or two sons by a later wife. It is not known when and where Henry died; however, he had left Calvert Co, Md, by 1678.

from Stein's History of Calvert County: "During this period (which began with the Restoration of 1658), the territory along the upper reaches of the Patuxent River embracing Hunting Creek and Lyon's Creek Hundreds was rapidly taken up by new settlers. Henry Cox & Thomas Cox acquired extensive holdings in Lyon's Creek Hundred at an early date. The early history of these men has not been established, but it seems probable that they were allied by family ties to James Cox, one of the original Puritan settlers of Anne Arundel County. ... Henry Cox acquired several lands grants in Calvert Co. in the 1660s."

"...it is probable that James Cox was related to Henry Cox, the first of the Cox family in Calvert. Co. Henry Cox obtained land grants in the upper part of Calvert Co., including Cox's Reserve in 1663, Coxcomb in 1663, The Ridge in 1665, Cox's Freehold in 1665, and Lyon's Creek in 1671. Later grants were Little Land in 1694, Meadows & Refuge in 1696, and Cox's Enclosure in 1702. [NOTE: these latter entries were not by the same Henry Cox] Thomas Cox, who was probably a brother of Henry, settled at Cox's Choice, a grant of 500 acres on the Patuxent River. When Lower Marlboro was laid out as a port of entry in 1683, it was named Cox Town because it stood on the land of Cox. ... The will of Thomas Cox, dated 1675, shows that Thomas died without leaving issue. The will of Henry Cox, "Gentleman" [NOTE: this canNOT be the immigrant because he would be too old], probated in 1719, mentions his wife Sarah and sons Henry and John. ... The land holdings of the Cox family were situated in Lyon's Creek Hundred." ... [excerpts provided by Kathy Shelton].

A deposition of Henry Cox was taken in open court 6 Nov 1651, wherein he stated he "lived with Robert Holt and Edward Hudson from about the beginning of August last till about the Middle of October following ..." This was a court case agains Edward Hudson and Dorothy Holt for lewd incontinent and scandalous actions. [Archives of MD vol. 10 pp. 110-111 Court and Testamentary Business 1649-50]

In patent dated 6 Jan 1652/53, Henry Cox demanded 200 acres for transporting himself and Paul Busey son of Elizabeth his former wife, into Maryland anno 1651.(1) He also demanded 400 acres assigned to him by William Eltonhead.

On 22 Apr 1652, an order was made to grant unto Henry Cox an administration of the goods and chattells within St Maries (sic) County for Robert Ward, deceased. Henry had married the late wife and relict of the said Ward and the said wife now being deceased, leaving 3 small Ward children, Henry was charged with maintaining and improving their estate. The actual administration was granted 7 Jan 1652/53 (just one day after the above patent) [Archives of MD, vol. 10 pp. 161, 213; Court and Testamentary Business 1649-50 -- thanks to Hugh Busey for pointing outt this record]

On 1 Apr 1653, Henry Cox was a juror in St. Mary's County for a murder trial. [Archives of MD, vol. 10 p. 143]

In 1653, Henry Cox was granted a certificate of survey for 300 acres in St. Marys Co he called "Cox Hays." He received the patent for this tract in 1658. [AB&H p. 437 & Q p. 232: MSA S1598 St Marys Co Patents, Tract Index, on-line]

On 11 Jun 1659, Henry Cox surrendered a warrant for 300 acres, dated 4 May 1658, and requested it be issued for Rights upon the Eastern Shore. At the same time, he requested 200 acres for transporting James Robertson and Margarett Cox into this province, and 100 acres more by assignment of Jacob Nimack of his rights for his own arrival on Palm Sunday 1659. Paul Busey appeared at this same time and requested 150 acres, 100 apparently from the Cox warrant and 50 for having completed his service to Henry Cox. Both warrants were issued "retd 25th Decemr next." [noted as Liber R page 21 on photocopy provided by Hugh Busey] All requests for such warrants were to be made within one year of arrival, according to the Conditions of Plantation. Perhaps Margarett Cox was Henry's new wife.

In 1663, Henry Cox received certificates of survey and patents on "Coxes Freehould" (300 acres), "Cox Combe" (150 acres) and "Reserve" (300 acres), all in Calvert Co. He also received a certificate of survey on "The Ridge" in 1664; however, "Ridge" was patented by James Wilson in 1664. [MSA S1583 Calvert Co Patents, Tracts, on-line]

On 8 Dec 1668, Henry Cox was a juror in a murder trial held in St. Marys County. [Archives of MD vol. 57 p. 355]

In 1668, Henry Cox appeared in Provincial Court as the attorney-in-fact (no doubt, under a power-of-attorney) of Tho: Dennis in a complaint against William Berry. The case was deferred to the next court as the defendant did not appear. At the next court, Mr. Moorcroft, attorney for the plaintiff appeared. [Archives of MD, vol. 57 p. 362 and vol. 51 p. 7 Provincial Court Proceedings]

In April 1671, a resurvey was ordered for the 300 acres called Lyons Creek owned by Henry Cox. The resurvey certificate was dated 27 Jun 1671 and Richard Hall(2) , George Lingan(3) , and Paull Busey certified that Charles Boteler's resurvey was in accordance with the ancient bounds of the said land. However, James Thompson who had since purchased the land, complained that the resurvey was not properly done. Therefore, on 2 Aug 1671, a second resurvey was ordered. [Archives of MD vol. 73 pp. 140-141 "Land-Holder's Assistant"]

For an article by Pat Melville on the naming of Lyons Creek, see http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/msa/refserv/bulldog/bull01/bull15-13/html/bull15-13.html

In October 1671, Henry Cox served as a juror in a murder trial in St Marys Co. The defendant was found not-guilty. [Archives of MD vol. 65 p. 19]

19 Mar 1672, Henry Cox and William Watson Sr appraised the inventory of John Franklin of Calvert Co. Henry Cox was on the list of debts and Tobyas Norton was executor. [Prerog Ct 1.60 abstract]

Henry Cox received a certificate and patent on "Cox Head" of 50 acres in 1673 [Calvert Co, MSA S1583 Patent Tract Index on-line]

On 20 Nov 1675, Henry Cox of Calvert County, appeared before the Provincial Court to testify regarding a debt of 4338 pounds of tobacco which he owed to Roger Baker by "his certaine writeing Obligatory Sealed" dated 11 Jun 1674. Nothing that he said altered the Court's opinion that Henry owed the debt; therefore, he was ordered to pay. On 15 Feb 1676/77, the Court issued a writ to the Calvert County sheriff that he was to advise Henry Cox he had until 17 April next to show why he should not pay the debt. The sheriff endorsed the writ saying "not any of the goods or Chattells of Henry Cox to be found in my Bailiwick" Such writ was entered into court on 17 April. On 4 Dec 1677, command was given to the said Sheriffe that "all the Goods and Chattels of Henry Cox besides his Oxen & Affros his Cart, & in like manner the moiety of all his lands & tenemts in his bailywick" to be delivered to satisfy the debt, this to be accomplished by 13 Feb next. On 28 Nov 1677, an inquisition was held at Hunting Creeke at Mr. Joseph Tillys plantation. Thirteen men served as jurors and said that Henry Cox was seized of "two tracts of land named Cox ffreehold & Coxcomb in the yearly Value in all issues & profitts of two thousand pounds of tobacco And further ... Henry Cox hath no goods or chattels nor other lands or tenemts in the County to their knowledge." The Coxcomb land was turned over to Joseph Baker the Attorney of Capt Roger Baker 28 Nov 1677. The Court, on 11 Apr 1678 granted Roger Baker the 200 acre tract of land called Coxcomb for a term of sixty years. [Archives of Md vol. 66 pp. 15-46, 486; vol. 67 pp. 242-244.]

It is evident from the above, that Henry Cox had left Calvert County by April 1677. Had he been deceased, it would be likely that fact would have been so stated by the Sheriff.

The estate of Thomas Cox of Calvert Co was probated 19 May 1676 (will dated 23 Feb 1675). He left his estate to his wife Anne and heirs of Laycock, Wiltshire, England; however, if she were to die without issue, then estate would go to children of testator's sister (unnamed) (4) The executors were Richard Hall and Geo. Lingan. [Quite possibly, one of those two was the husband or son of his sister. That Thomas did not name Henry Cox as an executor, may be based upon Henry's financial difficulties and advanced age.]

*** It would appear that Henry Cox may have died sometime not long after Nov 1677. The following records would then relate to possible descendants of his, likely born after his arrival in 1651.

8 Jul 1686 accounting of Capt. Charles Botler estate of Calvert Co, included payments to Capt. Thomas Claggatt and Henry Cox. [Prerog Ct 9.29 abstract p. 3]

A 4 Aug 1687 accounting of the estate of Baker Brooke included receipts from Charles Botler, John Cox as security for Joseph Chew, and Henry Cox, among others. [Prerog Ct. 9.390 abstract]

In his will filed 5 Feb 1703 (written May 1700), James Leech mentions his brother-in-law Henry Cox and Henry's children Henry Cox Jr and Rebecca Cox. [Md Calendar of Wills vol. 3, p. 28]

In 1712, the Maryland Chancery Court Records have "a deposition taken re: a tract belonging to a Capt. Henry Cox" Then in 1714, another deposition of Major Henry Cox of Calvert Co aged about 51 years regarding the bounds of a tract called "The Ordinary." [information from Hugh Busey]

The will of Henry Cox, gentleman, of Calvert Co was dated 16 Nov 1719 with no probate date indicated; however, the inventory of the estate was dated 3 Aug 1720 He named wife Sarah and sons John and Henry. [MD Calendar of Wills vol. 5, p. 25; Prerog Ct 4.191 abstract]

An accounting of the estate of Col. Henry Cox of Calvert Co dated 21 Nov 1721 indicated John Cox as administrator. [Prerog Ct 4.60 abstract]

An Accounting of the estate of John Smith of Calvert Co dated 11 Feb 1722 indicated a payment received from Col Henry Cox. [Prerog Ct 5.81 abstract]

There was another accounting of the estate of Col. Henry Cox on 4 Nov 1730. [Prerog Ct 10.540 abstract]; and another on 10 Jun 1734 [Prerog Ct 12.314 abstract]

From the above, I would venture a guess that Henry the 1651 immigrant had at least one son born in Maryland: Henry Cox who became Col. Such a son would not be a blood relation to Paul Busey. ..

Elizabeth married Henry Cox before her son Paul journed to Maryland in 1651. She herself had likely died by 1651 as she was not claimed as a head right by Henry Cox.

Elizabeth ? and -?- Busey had the following child:

child + 2 i. Paul1 Busey was born ca1630 to 1638.

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