Descendants of Paul Busey

Who arrived in Maryland in 1651 and settled in Calvert County

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Pamela Riccardi Paschke
copyright August 2001-Oct 2009
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I will continue to revise this site and hope you will give me feedback on anything that is wrong, or on anything you can add to the data. I am especially in need of data from Anne Arundel County!! Anyone with more info, please let me know.

Please do not take this report and copy the raw data onto another website. Some of this is speculation, and quite a bit needs more research. Thank you.

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?, Bucey, Bucy, Busey, Cahill, Hobbs, Hucker, Selby, Soaper, Sollars, Veirs

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Paul Busey arrived in Maryland in 1651, perhaps from England or from Virginia. He settled in Calvert County, Maryland where he married and had at least two children. If you are new to this family, do not be swayed by the spelling of the surname. It is properly spelled Busey, Bucey, and Bucy; it is also phonetically spelled Beusey, Bewsey, and Busie, to name a few. It also appears as Bussey and Pusey sometimes through clerk error (though those surnames are pronounced differently and generally belong to very different families). There are many relationship assumptions in here. I have started a Y-DNA Project seeking to validate some of these assumptions through DNA testing. Please visit the new Busey-Bucey-Bucy Project at

We are all greatly indebted to several people who have researched this family and presented the fruits of their labor for us to enjoy. Those who have contributed the most are --

Eva Murrell Harmison and Emma M. Rouse who published an article on the descendants and ancestry of Mathew Busey of Maryland, North Carolina and Kentucky back in 1957. It appeared in the Bulletin of the Detroit Society for Genealogical Research. While it contains errors in the early generations, it has been basis for subsequent researchers on the Busey family and is the standard reference for descendants of Mathew Busey (great grandson of the immigrant).

In 1980, Donald L. Wilson wrote an article entitled the Bussey (Busey) Families of Maryland which ran in four installments in the Prince George's County (Maryland) Genealogical Society Bulletin. The source citations and the data analysis provided by Mr. Wilson are marvelous. (I wrote a follow-up article to Mr. Wilson's to correct and expand on the Allegany Co, Md, branch of the family. My article appeared in the same publication in 1988).

There are others who have contributed to the knowledge base on the Busey family. Busey & Grimes produced a fine genealogy on the Alabama branch of the family called Samuel Busey of Old Claiborne. W.O. Bucy of Texas produced a genealogy of the descendants of Edward Busey Jr. who migrated to Pittsylvania, Va, and then Caswell Co, NC. Others have conducted extensive research on specific branches of the family and have exchanged data and ideas with me over the years. I especially want to thank Kathy Shelton, a marvelous lady whose help and encouragement I really miss. She and I had a grand time chasing Buseys around Maryland and beyond.

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