First Generation

1. John1 Whipps was born in Yorkshire, England before 1650.(1) He died Dec 1716: in Calvert Co, Md, at 67 years of age.(2)

He married twice. He married unknown ? before 1669:. Unknown was born before 1650:. She died before 1716:. He married Elizabeth Metcalf before Dec 1716, possibly by 1698:. Elizabeth was born (chr) 23 Apr 1676: in Askrigg, Yorkshire, England.(3) She died ca Nov 1729: in Calvert Co, Md, at approximately 53 years of age.(4) In her will dated 11 Nov 1729, she left the bulk of her estate to her younger brother and sister, William and Jane Madcaff who lived near Askrig[g] in Yorkshire. Rodger Crudgenton of Anne Arundel Co, was named executor. She also left bequests to Thomas Vernon, Rachell Griffith and Eliza. Foudrey.

. In the record of Asembly Proceedings for April-May 1669, a list of monies due to the public for An-Arundell (sic) County, included Jon. Whip. [Archives of MD, vol. p. 228: PRO Colonial Entry Book No. 53]

In Anne Arundel County in Feb 1675/6, John Whips appears in a list of debts for the estate of Thos. Chandler (innholder). [Prerog Ct 2.36 abstract p. 23]

A list of debts of the Nathan Smith estate (Anne Arundel Co) dated 1684, included John Whips. [Prerog Ct 8.202 abstract p. 52]

An accounting dated 25 Aug 1684 of the Francis Holland estate in Anne Arundel Co, includes John Whips on the list of debts. [Prerog Ct 9.57 abstract p. 6]

Interestingly, in a 1684-85 petition of residents of Calvert Co to Deputy Governor and Privy Council regarding building a port town on the river, a Sall: (W) Whipps appears as a signer, along with Wm (D) Downing, Samll Griffith and Tho:, Nathan and Jos: Smith, among others. [Archives of MD vol. 17 p.409: Liber RRR p. 251] (Perhaps examination of the original would explain this.)

On 3 Oct 1685, John Whippes and William Lyle completed the inventory of Paule Beusee (the father of the future husband of John's daughter Sarah). [Prerog Ct 8.498 abstract p. 72]

In early1687, John Whipps received a payment from the estate of Philip Jones of Calvert Co. The legatees included Samuel Griffith and Samuel Chew Jr. William Lyle was the executor. [Prerog Ct 9.298 abstract p. 20]

In an accounting of the estate of Richard Wells of Anne Arundel Co dated 5 Jun 1697, John Whip was on the list of debts. Morgan Jones was one of the appraisers. [Prerog Ct 15.274 abstract p. 69]

John was married at least twice (possibly three times). His widow is not the mother of the first five children, though she could be mother to the youngest, Eliza:. That is how I have presented the family, though there could have been a third wife who was the mother to Eliza:.

John's will was dated 10 Dec 1716 and probated 26 Dec 1716 in Calvert Co. He bequeathed his wife Eliza: 1/3 of his dwelling plantation and left 20s to each of his children Abigall Evans, Jane Jones, Sarah Busey, Susannah Stanford and Jno. Whipps, Jr. To his daughter Eliza:, he left 20s when she became of age. His son John was named his executor and residuary legatee. However, "in absence of son John, friends Thomas Smith and Samuel Griffith" were appointed to execute his will. [Md Calendar of Wills, vol. 4 p. 56].

While John's will indicated he was a resident of Calvert Co, and his appraisal was filed in Calvert Co, the administration of his estate was carried out in Baltimore County. His appraisers were Samuel Griffith and Charles Busey (Prer. Ct. liber 37c, p 107, abstract)

The 14 Dec 1717 account of John Whipps' estate in Baltimore Co, included legatees Sarah Busey, Susannah Standfort, Abigall Evans and Morgan Jones. [Prerog Ct 39C.113 abstract p. 64]

In an accounting of John Whipp's estate dated 9 Dec 1718 in Baltimore Co, payments were made to Elizabeth Whipp and John Sheridine. The legatees were 1/3 to Elizabeth Whipp and the remainder to the accountant, executor John Whipp. [Prerog Ct 1.297 abstract p. 18]

The transcription of the 1842 transcription of the old family Bible record included the following: "John Whips of Calvert County was born in the year of our Lord 1622 within sixteen miles of York City in a town commonly called the town of Thursk (Thirsk) (England), aged at this time 98 years being of St. John's Day." I do not think that this John Whipps was born in 1622, suggesting that one of the transcriptions was wrong. The reference to the age of 98 years is also a mystery. Examination of the original 1842 transcribed entry might provide additional clues.

John Whipps and unknown ? had the following children:

child + 2 i. Jane2 Whipps was born 1 Feb 1670/71.

child + 3 ii. Sarah Whipps was born ca 1672.

child + 4 iii. Susannah Whipps was born 29 May 1677.

child + 5 iv. John Whips Jr. was born 30 Apr 1680.

child 6 v. Abigall Whipps was born 28 Jul 1687.(5) She died after Jun 1736:. She married Edmund Evans before Dec 1716:. He died 31 Jan 1735/36: in Anne Arundel Co, Md.(6) He left his estate to his wife Abigall and, after her death, to Evans, son of Samuel Roberts. It would appear this couple had no children.

The inventory of the estate of Edmund Evans of Anne Arundel County was made 11 Aug 1736 and entered 9 Sept 1736. The appraisers were Richard Purnell and Benjamin Allein. Next of kin were Sarah Busey and John Busey. The executrix was Abigall Evans. [Prerogative Ct liber 22.32 abstract p. 68]

John Whipps and Elizabeth Metcalf had the following child:

child 7 vi. Eliza: Whipps was born after 1698. Some researchers say she is the Eliza Foudrey mentioned in Elizabeth Metcalf Whipp's will. However, it appears that Eliza Foudrey was Eliza Evans Faudrie, born ca 1674, daughter of Lewis and Lois Evans(7) per Colonial Families of Anne Arundel Co, MD by Robert Barnes (p. 127). Eliza Evans was the wife of Moses Faudrie of Herring Creek.

If Eliza: Whipps was a daughter of Elizabeth Metcalf Whipps, then she was likely dead by the time Elizabeth wrote her will.

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