Second Generation

2. Jane2 Whipps (John1) was born 1 Feb 1670/71.(8) It is not clear from the Bible transcription if the year would be 1699/70 or 1670/71. I have assumed the Bible was copied as originally written, making it 1670/71. She died before 14 Dec 1717: at approximately 46 years of age.(9)

She married Morgan Jones about 1690:. He died 13 Sep 1718: in Anne Arundel Co, Md.(10) Morgan Jones was a carpenter who lived on Herring Creek. He was possibly the son of Morgan Jones whose will was probated 29 July 1695 in Dorchester Co, MD, leaving son Morgan (Jr.) 300 acres on the Naticoke River. In his will dated 18 Feb 1717/8, Morgan Jones named his children, William, Morgan, John, Jane and Blanch. The will was witnessed by William Jones and John Standforth (his brother-in-law).(11) [MD Calendar of Wills vol. 4 p. 195: 15.40]

The inventory of his estate was apparently filed in late 1718 in Anne Arundel Co. It was valued at L143.6.6, and was approved by John Jones, Dorrothy Powell, Samuell Chew. [Prerog Ct 1.433 abstract p. 15] On 15 Jun 1719, a second inventory noted value of L25.11.8 [Prerog Ct 2.158 abstract p. 24 and 3.65 abstract p. 59] While Jane Jones was named in her father's will, an account of his estate dated 14 Dec 1717 indicated a legatee Morgan Jones, not Jane. She also was not named in her husband's will dated 18 Feb 1717/18.

Jane Whipps and Morgan Jones had the following children:

child 8 i. Sybill3 Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 15 Dec 1691.(12) She married Mr. Wells bef 17 May 1730:.(13)

child 9 ii. William Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 17 Feb 1693/1694.(14) He died before May 1730:.(15) He married twice. He married Hannah Norris 1715: in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co., Md.(16) He married Mary ? before 1730:. In his 1718 deposition, William Jones indicated he was the eldest son of Morgan Jones and was aged 23. [MD Calendar of Wills vol. 4 p. 195]

William Jones was serving as executor of his father's estate by 14 Feb 1718/19, when he made a payment to the estate of Abraham Fisher of Anne Arundel Co. [Prerog Ct 1.332 abstract p. 20]

On 29 May 1730, the estate of William Jones of Anne Arundel Co was filed showing next of kin Sebell Wells and Morgan Jones. Mary Jones was administratrix. [Prerog Ct 16.25 abstract p. 26].

child 10 iii. Dorothy Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 4 May 1696.(17) She married twice. She married Mr. Powell 1718:.(18) She married Mr. Wood before 1745:.(19) The inventory of the estate of Richard Randle of Anne Arundel Co dated 3 Dec 1745 (filed 25 Feb 1745/46) noted next of kin Doroty Whood and Luraner Weedin. The administrator was John Battson. [Prerog Ct 32.177 abstract p. 48] I do not know the connection here. However, in the estate of John Weeden of Anne Arundel Co in Apr 1745, Paul Busey and William Thornboy were noted as next of kin and William Thornboy and Laurana Weeden were creditors. [Prerog Ct 31.214 abstract p. 34]. I can't untangle this.

child 11 iv. John Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 7 Apr 1699.(20)

child 12 v. Jane Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 12 Dec 1701.(21)

child 13 vi. Margery Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 18 Apr 1704.(22) She died 18 Apr 1710: in Anne Arundel Co, Md, at 6 years of age.(23)

child 14 vii. Morgan Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 23 Aug 1706.(24) He died 1746: in Anne Arundel Co, MD, at 39 years of age.(25) He married Susanna ? before 1733:. The inventory of the Morgan Jones estate in Anne Arundel Co. was dated 6 Oct 1746 and filed 14 May 1747. The estate was valued at L492.13.6. Next of kin was Dorothy Wood, and Susanna Dowell (late Susanna Jones) was administratrix. [Prerog Ct 34.300 abstract p. 70]

In a 3 Dec 1746 account of the estate of Richard Randall of Anne Arundel Co, payments were made to Morgan Jones per his widow (unnamed) and to James Wood and Morgan Jones (among others). [Prerog Ct 23.65 abstract p. 65] See comments on Richard Randall estate under Dorothy Jones.

In a 14 May 1747 account of the estate of Morgan Jones, the representatives were Susanna (accountant, widow), and three children: Morgan, William and Jane Jones. Susanna Jones, now wife of John Dowell was administratrix. [Prerog Co 23.230 abstract p. 74]

An account of Morgan Jones' estate dated 13 Dec 1750, entered 15 Mar 1750/51, mentioned John Wood and Dortey Wood. The administratrix was Susanna Dowell (widow), wife of John Dowell. [Prerog Ct 44.437 abstract p. 88]

child 15 viii. Blanch Jones was born in Anne Arundel Co, Md 24 Apr 1709.(26)

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