49. Paul4 Busey (Edward3, Paul2, Paul1, ElizabethA ?) was born about 1742. He died 1830: in Allegany Co, Md, at 88 years of age. His will dated 30 Nov 1824, was probated 9 Mar 1830. He named his seven children and referred to his "beloved wife".

He married Jemima ? :. Jemima was born about 1741:.(89) She died 4 Sep 1827: in Allegany Co, Md, at 86 years of age.(90) Her obituary read: Died Tues evening last, Mrs. Jemima Bucey, wife of Paul Bucey, aged about 86, for upwards of 36 yrs, an inhabitant of this co. In 1777, the listing of all males betwee 16 and 50 for Montgomery Co, MD, Paul Busey was on the list of Zadock Magruder.

Paul took the Oath of Affirmation of Fidelity and Support to the state in Montgomery Co, MD, 26 Feb 1778, attesting by his mark "PB".

Allegany Co, MD, was formed 1789 from Washington Co. Paul Busey first appears in the records on 26 Mar 1791 when he requested his brand "PB" be recorded. In Feb 1793, he purchased 103 acres, a part of "Great Friendship" from William Hendrickson. In May 1793, he purchased a parcel called "Chance" of 97 acres from Laurence O'Neal of Montgomery Co, MD. He later acquired other tracts: "What You Like", "Addition to Chance" and "Bucy's Second Attempt".

Paul Busey and Jemima ? had the following children:

child 92 i. Samuel5 Busey was born Md about 1767. He died 1840: in Allegany Co, Md, at 73 years of age. He married twice. He married Miss Farmer ? about 1788:. He married Sarah Riley 1 Sep 1821: in Allegany Co, Md. Sarah was born about 1780:. Samuel was named the eldest son in his father's will. He inherited a part of the tract called "Chance" along the Elk Lick Branch and the "turnpike road".

child 93 ii. Nancy Busey was born Md about 1773. She died about 1841:. She married Jeremiah Plummer about 1795:. Jeremiah was born about 1765:. In 1815, Jeremiah purchased "Busey's Second Attempt" from his father-in-law. He sold part of this parcel in 1826 to John Folk.

child 94 iii. Edward Busey was born Md about 1775. He died 24 Mar 1860: in Allegany Co, Md, at 84 years of age. He married Sarah ? about 1795:. Sarah was born about Jan 1780:. She died 7 Jul 1843: in Allegany Co, Md, at 63 years of age. Edward was identified as the second son in his father's will. He inherited a part of the tract called "Chance". This portion of the Busey land was originally called "Great Friendship" and bordered the turnpike road.

child 95 iv. Paul Busey was born Md about 7 Aug 1776. He died 2 Dec 1838: in Allegany Co, Md, at 62 years of age. He married twice. He married Ellen Hill 14 Dec 1820: in Allegany Co, Md. Ellen Bucy left one heir. Sarah A. Gephart, heir of Ellen Bucy, deceased, was named as an heir of William Hill, brother to Ellen Bucy.

He married Flavilla Woodward 19 Nov 1835: in Allegany Co, Md. Flavilla was born about 6 Nov 1805:. She died 22 Jun 1879: at 73 years of age. Paul was an ensign in Capt. Beall's Co. of the 50th Regiment in the War of 1812.

child 96 v. Sarah Busey was born Md about 1780. She died after 1850:. She married Rezin Beall (lic) 3 Apr 1802: in Allegany Co, MD. Rezin was born 7 Dec 1776: Md. He died 1856: in Allegany Co, Md, at 79 years of age.

child 97 vi. Lucy Busey was born before 1785. She married William Street about 1805:. William was born before 1785:. In 1820, the Allegany County sheriff sold property of William Street, yeoman, to William McMahan to satisfy a debt to Hanson Briscoe.

child 98 vii. Mary Busey was born about 1786. She died after 1840:. She married Amos Davis 10 Nov 1805: in Allegany Co, Md. Amos was born before 1776:. He died before 1830:.

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