54. John4 Busey (Joshua3, Paul2, Paul1, ElizabethA ?) was born ca 1751. He died 24 June 1807: in Prince George's Parish, Montgomery Co, MD, at 55 years of age.(96)

He married twice. He married ? ? ca 1780:. He married Susan Lansdale bef 1794:. Susan was born 12 Jun 1776: in MD.(97) Susan(98) was the daughter of Charles Lansdale and Catherine Wheeler. Susan was a Catholic, a daughter of Charles and Catherine Lansdale. (Adam Robb, Henry Lansdale, and Catherine Lansdale executed a bill of sale for a negro girl called Charity (formerly sold by said John Busey to Adam Robb) for natural goodwill, love and affection to the children of John Busey (Eleanor, Charles, Joshua, Thomas, Jefferson and Samuel) dated 15 Nov 1803, in Montgomery Co, MD. Catherine Lansdale of Montgomery Co, MD, wrote her will in 1816 and mentioned her granddaughter Elnor Busey, unmarried.) John Busey was a private in the 4th Rgt., Company F, Montgomery County Troops 29 Aug 1777.

John Busey and ? ? had the following children:

child 128 i. George Washington5 Busey(99) was born ca 4 May 1781. George Busey was bound out in 1798 until 4 May 1802 to become a tailor.

child 129 ii. John Busey was born ca 1783. He died 1832: at 49 years of age. He married Rachel Clagett 13 June 1827: Montgomery Co., MD. Rachel was born 1788:.(100) Rachel was the daughter of Thomas Clagett and Sarah White. She died 1844: at 56 years of age.(101) Rachel Busey of Montgomery Co, wrote her will Jan 1844 and named youngest son William Grindage Busey and Samuel Clagett Busey. Her friend William Grindage of Georgetown was named executor.

child 130 iii. Mary Ann Busey(102). She died bef 1830:. She married Joseph Snowden :. He died before 1830:.

John Busey and Susan Lansdale had the following children:

child 131 iv. Charles Busey.

child 132 v. Thomas Jefferson Busey.

child 133 vi. Samuel Busey(103) was born 1794. He died 23 March 1872: Old Claiborne, AL, at 77 years of age. He married three times. He married Lucinda Bivens ca 1838:. He married Isabella Humphries ca 1843:. He married Nancy J. Andress 1857:. Samuel was christened in the Catholic church, but he did not remain loyal to that fiaht in later years. His parents died when he was young and an uncle served as his guardian. He ran away from home in his early teens. About 1818, after serving in the War of 1812, he settled in Old Claiborne, as fast growing river town, in what later became Nomroe County. At first, he operated a hotel, but then became a farmer.(104)

child 134 vii. Joshua Busey was born ca 1796.(105) He died : AL. In 1809, Joshua Busey, an orphan under the age of 14, was bound to Jannaro S. Farre to serve for 6 years and 6 months from 15 Nov last... "learn him the art and mystery of a Taylor ..." [Montgomery Co Minute Books Orphan's Court 1779-1810, p. 220]

It is thought that Joshua died near Bell's Landing, Alabama, on his way to visit his brother Samuel.(106)

child 135 viii. Eleanor Busey(107) was born before 1798. She married William N. Austin 18 May 1847: Montgomery Co., MD.(108)

child 136 ix. Henry Busey was born 1803. He died 27 Dec 1869: at 66 years of age. He married Mary Ann Lansdale 16 Jan 1826: Montgomery Co., MD. Mary was born 1812:. Mary was the daughter of John Lansdale and Mary Pumphrey. She died 1843: at 31 years of age.

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