56. Mathew4 Busey (Samuel3, Charles2, Paul1, ElizabethA ?) was born Md 7 or 9 Apr 1742.(109) He died 2 Jan 1824: in Shelby Co, KY, at 81 years of age.(110)

He married Edith Philpot Wilcoxen 1767: in Rowan Co, NC. Edith was born 23 Sept 1740:. Edith was the daughter of Jacob Philpot. Edith was the widow of Isaac Wilcoxen of NC. They had three children: Rachel (1760), Catherine (1762) and Aaron (1764) Wilcoxen.(111)

Mathew was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census. He was enumerated near Beal, Reynolds, Speaks and Hadox, just 6 families away from Samuel Bucey. Mathew Busey was taxed in Rowan County in 1768 (Morgan Bryan's Dist.), 1778 (Capt. Reed's Dist.), and 1784 (on 320 acres in Capt. John Graham's Dist.)(112)

They apparently left NC in the fall of 1800. On 28 Feb 1803, Mathew bought 573 acres in Shelby County on the waters of the Lick (near Shelbyville, KY today). On 30 Sept 1803, as a resident of Shelby County, KY, Mathew sold the remaining 233 acres of the NC land for $370. Both Mathew and Edith are buried in the family burial ground on the farm Mathew willed to his son Jacob(113).

Mathew Busey and Edith Philpot Wilcoxen had the following children:

child 137 i. Samuel Wales5 Busey(114) was born in Rowan Co, NC 10 Jan 1768. He died 13 Nov 1845: in Putnam Co, IN, at 77 years of age. He married Katherine Siegler (lic) 10 Feb 1794: in Rowan Co, NC. Katherine was born 6 Apr 1776: in Loudoun Co, VA. (Additional notes for Katherine Siegler(115)) She died : in Champaign Co, IL. About 1800, Samuel Busey migrated from Rown Co,m NC to Franklin Co, KY where he lived a few years. In 1807, he purchased land in Shelby Co, KY, which he sold in 1815. He then Settled in Washington Co, IN, where he appears on the 1820 Federal census. On 17 Dec 1825, he entered land at Putnam Co, IN, where he lived until his death.(116)

child 138 ii. Isaac Busey(117) was born in Rowan Co, NC 9 Sept 1769. He died 11 Jan 1847: in Champaign Co, IL, at 77 years of age. He married Sarah ? 1794: in Rowan Co, NC. Isaac Busey migrated with his brother John to Fraklin Co, KY, in 1797. In 1803, he was living in Shelby Co, KY where he was a weaver, innkeeper and farmer. On 1 Sept 1831, he sold his land holdings in KY to his brother, Jacob, and moved to Vermilion Co, IL where he had entered land in 1830. They settled on land now within the city limits of Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois. In 1833, Isaac and Sarah deeded 30 acres of the 43 acres of land given for the county seat of Urbana in the newly formed Champaign County. He was a large landowner and was active in county government. The first sessions of the Circuit Court and the first meetings of the county commissioners were held in his home.(118)

child 139 iii. John Bainbridge Busey(119) was born in Rowan Co, NC 17 Jul 1771. He died 25 Jul 1863: in Anderson Co, KY, at 92 years of age.(120) He married Martha Holmes 1791: in Rowan Co, NC. Martha was born 12 Dec 1770: in Delaware. (Additional notes for Martha Holmes(121)) She died 25 Aug 1860: in Anderson Co, KY, at 89 years of age.(122) John migrated to Franklin Co, KY, with his brother Isaac in 1797. He was a constable there in 1819, and was one of the justices of the first court held in 1827 of newly formed Anderson Co. He was active in the Fox Creek Baptist Church.(123)

John Busey, very well educated and one of the most influential men of his day, was one of the justices of the first court held in the newly-formed county of Anderson February 5, 1827. For many years he took an active interest in county affairs(124).

child 140 iv. Mary Busey was born 7 Apr 1773. She married John Howell 22 Aug 1792: in NC.

child 141 v. Charles Busey(125) was born in Rowan Co, NC 10 Sept 1775. He died aft 1840:.(126) He married Lydia Ward 10 Feb 1800: in Franklin Co, KY. (Additional notes for Lydia Ward(127)) She was a daughter of John and Mary Ward. In 1804, Charles resided in Shelby Co, KY. There, he served in the Kentucky State Militia. In 1830, he is found in Washington Co, IN, and soon migrated to Vermilion Co, IL. He served as a captain in the Balck Hawk War in 1832. In 1834, he was selected as a fence viewer; in 1835, he served as a grand juror in the first term of Circuit Court in newly formed Champaign Co, IL.(128)

child 142 vi. Mathew Elbridge Busey(129) was born in Rowan Co, NC 11 Mar 1779. He died 21 Mar 1864: in Champaign Co, IL, at 85 years of age. He married Sarah Fible 28 Apr 1814: in Shelby Co, KY. Sarah was born 28 Apr 1791: in Washington Co, MD. (Additional notes for Sarah Fible(130)) She died 13 May 1887: in Champaign Co, IL, at 96 years of age. She was a daughter of Frederick Fible of Germany. Mathew E. Busey was the first of his family to settle in Illinois. In Nov 1829, he came to Vermilion Co, IL, with his wife and eight children. He purchased the cabin and squatter's rights from Sample Cole for $100. Then on 5 Dec 1829, Mathew entered this claim to the west half of the NE Quarter of Sec 15, Twp 19N, Range 9E at the Palestine land office. In 1829, only five families lived in the "Big Grove".(131)

child 143 vii. Edith Busey was born 11 Mar 1779. She married Thomas Gaither 1800: in Rowan Co, NC. The bondsman for the license was Mathew Bu--.

child 144 viii. Sarah Busey was born 1May 1782.

child 145 ix. Jacob Busey(132) was born in Rowan Co, NC 14 Feb 1784. He died 1869: in Buchanan Co, MO, at 85 years of age. He married Elizabeth Laws 19 Apr 1810: in Shelby Co, KY. Elizabeth was born 1786:. (Additional notes for Elizabeth Laws(133)) She died 1867: at 81 years of age. She was a daughter of Jeremiah Laws. Jacob Busey served in the War of 1812 from Kentucky. In 1850, Jacob and some members of his family, migrated to Buchanan Co, Mo.(134)

Jacob Busey lived in Platte Co, MO, from 1850-1869, according to his military pension papers.

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